Quest 1: Kill 3 enemies

Quest 2: Get a new seed power from a seed chamber

Quest 3: Have 15 crystals at once

Quest 4: Have 5 thorns at once

Quest 5: Have 5 hearst at once

Quest 6: Reach the forest camp (Limestone)

Quest 7: Deliver the teleporter aura to the forest camp

Quest 8: Pick up an aura

Quest 9: Reach the forest camp without taking damage. No teleporters.

Quest 10: Buy something from a shop

Quest 11: Reach the forest camp in less than 2 minutes. No teleporters.

Quest 12: Beat the sharpshooter challenge

Quest 13: Buy out an entire shop

Quest 14: Plant non-default seeds 15 times 

Quest 15: Deliver the teleporter aura to the jungle camp (Swamp) 

Quest 16: Sacrifice two seeds to the VineGuard altar 

Quest 17: Reach the jungle camp without planting anything. No teleporters. 

Quest 18: Complete the race challenge 

Quest 19: Cure poison with the antidote 

Quest 20: Get 10 seed powers at once  

Quest 21: Reach the top of a bounce trial chamber  

Quest 22: Deliver the teleporter aura to the desert camp (Pyramid)